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Wishbone Property

The Wishbone property is located in the center of the world renowned Golden Triangle.

Wishbone is 100% owned by Origen and is located in the prolific Golden Triangle in northern British Columbia, adjacent to the Galore Creek project jointly owned by Teck Resources and Newmont Gold. Covering 3,941 hectares, Wishbone has 11 target areas covering significantly high-grade gold-silver quartz-carbonate as well as volcanogenic massive sulphide-style mineralization. Rock samples of up to 6700g/t silver and 202.2 g/t gold in samples of float have been sampled at several targets over 10km.

During 2023 field work company geologists noted rapid retreat of the central glacier and exposure of significant new ground. Results from boulders found along the southern edge of the central glacier have returned 202.6 ppm gold in an area that was previously identified as being a primary silver rich zone. Separate samples collected from boulders from this area contained up to 109 ppm silver and 1.2% copper. This sample is compared to the 175.5 ppm gold sample collected from a glacial boulder on the northern edge of the same glacier in 2021.

Photograph from August 2023 of the central glacier on the Wishbone property. Lines show how glacial Ice has receded 1.2 km up the valley from 1990 levels.

The Windy Showing


Seven gold mineralized quartz-sulphide veins were uncovered by Teck in 1986 within a small 400 x 500 metre area. The Main Vein was traced for 500 metres in length and is apparently getting wider to the east where depth of overburden precluded exposure by hand trenching. Surface sampling returned 7.8 g/t Au over 3.3m, including 19.1 g/t Au over 1.6m, chip samples at the eastern end of the Main Vein

Nine drill holes tested the central area of the exposed veins with all the holes reporting notable intersections of gold mineralization:

Hole From To Width Gold
(m) (m) (m) (g/t)
BJ88-01 58.0 61.2 3.2 3.1 North Camp Vein
BJ88-02 36.9 38.4 1.5 2.7 Camp and North Camp Vein
BJ88-02 151.7 153.4 1.7 3.8 Camp and North Camp Vein
BJ88-02 166.6 173.6 7.0 1.6 Camp and North Camp Vein
BJ88-02 176.8 181.2 7.7 3.2 Camp and North Camp Vein
BJ88-03 60.7 61.2 0.5 3.7 North Camp Vein
BJ88-04 83.1 84.4 1.3 1.5 North Camp Vein
BJ88-05 98.6 99.0 0.4 10.5 Main and North Main Vein
BJ88-06 134.1 138.3 4.2 2.6 Main and North Main Vein
BJ88-06 142.8 148.2 5.4 1.4 Main and North Main Vein
BJ88-07 148.9 150.8 1.9 1.7 North Main Vein
BJ88-08 87.1 87.5 0.3 9.4 North Main Vein
BJ88-08 207.0 216.0 9.0 1.0 North Main Vein
BJ88-09 99.4 100.8 1.4 2.3

Table – Assay results from the 1988 Teck drilling: nine (9) holes totalling 1,353.2m to test the down dip extent of the gold bearing quartz veins uncovered in the 1987 exploration program. All the drill holes intersected notable gold bearing mineralization with the latter portion of hole BJ88-02 providing the longest mineralized widths in a silicified breccia zone.

Soil Sampling

Two phases of soil sampling from 1982 onwards on the Windy prospect have shown remarkably high gold anomalies.  2023 field work aimed to partially groundtruth two of the anomalies. Two B horizon soil samples resulted in 1 ppm gold and 8.5 ppm gold. To date no bedrock source for these has been found –  the areas south and east of the main showings remain largely unexplored.

Figure –historical rock sampling on the property.

The Origen team is currently working on reprocessing and reinterpreting historical Skytem geophysics data on this strategically-located project.

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