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Origen’s 2020 Reconnaissance at Wishbone Verifies and Expands Broad Extent of High Grade Gold and Silver Mineralization

  • 2020

Vancouver, B.C. October 6, 2020.  Origen Resources Inc. (the “Company” or “Origen”) (CSE:ORGN) is pleased to announce the confirmation of multiple high grade gold and silver veins from the initial reconnaissance conducted at the Windy prospect on the Wishbone Property (see Company news release dated July 22 and August 19, 2020) and support for the high prospectivity of the Windy target area as originally believed.

Key Highlights

  • The recent exploration program was successful in verifying historical results and confirmed the location of historical drilling and trenching at Windy while identifying additional mineralization and exploration targets.
  • Higher than expected silver grades were encountered with one 60cm chip sample grading 1173 g/t Ag from the Camp vein;
  • Two new gold bearing quartz veins discovered with one grading 3 g/t Au over a 0.2m chip;
  • 1000m x 500m area exhibits broad gold-silver mineralization open in all directions;
  • A significant percentage of samples collected in 2020 returned notable gold grades;
  • A region of highly anomalous gold in soils remains unexplored 100 to 400m to the south of the historical veins where cover potentially conceals undiscovered veins.
  • Compelling mineralization and structural setting at Windy warrant comprehensive geophysical program to assist in defining drill targets; and
  • The company has geologists on the ground conducting a follow up program and has commissioned a contract geophysicist to advise on the type and scope of a geophysical survey to be conducted.

Our first program at Windy not only confirmed our logic in securing the project but has also expanded on it with impressive new discoveries.  Now with firsthand knowledge of the project, we keenly await the results of our follow up program.” states Blake Morgan, Company President.


Windy Target Area Gold-Silver Mineralization

The 2020 reconnaissance exploration program at Windy focused within a 1000 x 500m area within a mid-slope plateau where previous operators identified a series of gold bearing quartz veins and defined a broad exceedingly high gold in soil geochemical response adjacent and along slope to the known veins.

The recent exploration program was designed to verify the historic results and determine if the Windy target area is as compelling as originally assessed.

The July 2020 reconnaissance exploration program successfully located and mapped the gold bearing quartz vein occurrences and collected 50 rock samples (i.e. float, outcrop, chip and channel samples) across the target area.

Of the 50 samples collected, twenty-four (24) samples reported >0.5 g/t Au including 8 samples grading >6 g/t Au with one 20cm chip sample grading 16.3 g/t Au from a newly discovered vein 150m distant to the north and east from the closest known vein occurrences.

Of note, the high-grade silver values were unexpected with 12 samples reporting >10 g/t Ag including 3 samples from the Camp Vein grading 1173, 330 and 148 g/t Ag.

A synthesis of these results, the historical results, the geology and structural setting indicates a significant mineralizing nexus akin to major deposits in the region and open in all directions.

The Company has geologists on site following up on these initial results and is planning, for the next phase of exploration; a comprehensive geophysical program at Windy to define drill targets.

Below are highlighted sample results from the 2020 Windy reconnaissance exploration program.


Camp Vein

Good exposure along the Camp Vein included remnants of some of the hand trenching done in the 1980s by Teck.  Fourteen (14) samples were collected along the vein of which 12 samples graded >0.5 g/t Au including one 60cm chip sample grading 8.22 g/t Au and 1173 g/t Ag, the highest silver value reported.


Sample ID





Fire Assay

Au g/t

Ag by
Ag g/t Au g/t Ag g/t
WJH08 Float     330 9.67 >100.00
WJH03 Chip 0.6 1173 8.22 >100.00
WJH07 Float   148 8.06 >100.00
WJLR-010 Chip 0.3   6.56 4.19
WJH06 Grab   6.1   6.04 2.21
WJH05 Grab   5.7   4.98 3.73
WJLR-009 Grab   4.4   4.00 14.18
WJLR-038 Channel 1.0 2.2 2.10 15.85
WJLR-008 Chip 0.5 1.3   1.25 7.61
WJLR-007 Chip 0.5 1.3   1.15 9.54
WJH04 Grab     0.65 29.28
WJLR-039 Channel 1.0   0.59 10.77
WJLR-036 Channel 1.0 0.48 6.42
WJLR-037 Channel 1.1 0.25 4.04


Main Vein

Named for its lengthy trace of 500m, the Main Vein is not as well exposed as the Camp Vein.  Ten samples were collected on the Main Vein of which three were chip samples.  Highlights from these samples with gold grades > 0.4 g/t are summarized in the table below.

Sample ID Type Length


Fire Assay Multi-element
Au g/t Au g/t Ag g/t
WMHR-014 Grab   1.7 1.72 3.43
WSM_023 Grab   1.8 1.71 3.02
WJH18 Grab   1.4 1.22 8.70
WMHR-006 Grab   0.50 1.65
WMHR-005 Grab   0.49 3.49
WJLR-005 Chip 0.3 0.43 1.44
WJH20 Grab   0.43 1.49


Other Veins

Two new veins, the New East and New North veins, were discovered in areas previously absent of quartz vein occurrences.  The New East vein is located 200 SE of the Camp Vein and 150m north of the Main Vein, and the New North vein is located 175m north of the most northerly known vein and 300m north of the Camp Vein.  These discoveries bring the north-south extent of known west striking, gold bearing veins to 550m and approximately 1,000m including the exceedingly high gold in soils anomalies where cover potentially conceals undiscovered veins.

Highlighted samples collected from other veins are listed in the table below.

Sample ID Vein Type Length


Fire Assay Multi-element
Au g/t Au g/t Ag g/t
WJLR-021 New East Chip 0.2   16.33 20.46
WJLR-002 North Main Vein Grab   9.56 4.67
WJH02 North Camp splay Chip 1.2 7.04 10.81
WJLR-025 NE 2 Grab   2.3 2.06 65.87
WJLR-023 North Camp Chip 0.4 1.4 1.31 0.41
WJLR-026 New North Grab   1.5 1.25 0.72
WMHR-013 North Main Vein Float   0.59 1.55
WJLR-003 NE 1 Chip 0.2 0.51 13.31
WJLR-024 NE 2 Chip 1.0 0.42 35.62


Grab samples are by nature selective and should not be relied upon.  They are collected during prospecting and reconnaissance work to characterize geological material and determine if metals of interest are present prior to more comprehensive sampling and investigation.  They may not be representative of metal grades on the Property.  Float samples are similar to grab samples but were not collected from bedrock and do not have a known source. The bedrock source of a float sample may not be on the Property.  Prospecting and other geological, geochemical and geophysical methods are used to trace float samples back to their source.  Float samples may not be representative of metal grades at their bedrock source.  Gold values range from trace to 9.56 g/t Au in the samples.


Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Laboratory Methods

Origen fieldwork followed industry standard practices for early stage prospecting and exploration.  No duplicate samples were included due to the small number of samples and no standards or blanks were inserted due to the preliminary nature of the investigation.

MSALABS of Langley and Terrace British Columbia Canada is a certified analytical laboratory (ISO 9001 and ISO 17025) with experience in the chemical analysis of geological materials.)  MSALABS is independent of the Company as defined by NI 43-101.  Samples were delivered to the laboratory by an employee of Coast Mountain Geological who were contracted to implement the field program for the Company.  Rock samples were processed by drying followed by crushing so 70% passed through a 2mm screen. A 250g split, was then pulverized so that 85% passed through a 75μm screen.  Digestion of a 20g aliquot was done by Aqua Regia and finished by 39 element ICP-AES/MS.  Samples with >0.5 ppm gold were reanalysed using a 30g aliquot for digestion in a fire assay flux with a gravimetric finish.  Samples with over limit silver were re-analysed by a 0.4 g aliquot, digested in Aqua Regia and finished by ICP-AES.  The samples referred to in this news release ranged from below trace to the grades highlighted herein.

John Harrop, P Geo., a Qualified Person as that term is defined in NI 43-101 has prepared, supervised the preparation or approved the scientific and technical disclosure in the news release.  Mr. Harrop is employed by Coast Mountain Geological Ltd who was contracted by the Company to implement the 2020 fieldwork. He is not independent of the Company as defined in NI43-101.


About Origen

Origen is an exploration company engaged in generating, acquiring and advancing base and precious metal properties.  The Company currently holds a property portfolio of four 100% owned precious and base metal projects in southern British Columbia and recently acquired a 100% interest in the 26,771 ha LGM project and an option to acquire a 100% interest in the 3,971 ha Wishbone property in the mineral rich Golden Triangle of British Columbia.


On behalf of Origen,

Blake Morgan


For further information, please contact Blake Morgan, President at 236-878-4938 or Gary Schellenberg, CEO at 604-681-0221.

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